Needed: A new radio tower for Belize!

Ok my friends. As you know my heart is in belize and I have met and made so many wonderful people that love and want to serve Jesus. My brother in Christ Clive runs the Christian radio station in Belize and has impacted thousands and thousands of lives for Christ.

A few years ago Eddie K and I (evidence of Journey) raised money to get him a new sound board, mics, chords, headphones and other things for his radio station. Now his challenge is a rusting tower from all the sea air which affects his reach and sometimes the ability to broadcast. He is needing to raise money to replace this tower so he can continue to share Christian programming throughout Belize. Please join with me and sharing something.

I have almost 4,000 friends on FB if everyone would share 2 dollars we would reach this goal. I ask for prayers and financial support to help my great friend Clive continue to be a light in Belize for Christ!